Sand steaming hot spring

Sand steaming hot springs are said to be able to expect a detox effect, flowing a lot of sweat.
The sand steaming of our hotel is in the hall, weatherproof type, you can use it on rainy days.

Sand steaming hot spring
Sand steaming hot spring
business hours Night 1 part 16: 00-19: 00 (final reception)
Night 2: 20: 30 – 22: 00 (last reception)
Morning department 05: 30 ~ 08: 30 (last reception)
Price Adult 1,200 yen (tax included) Child 600 yen (tax included)

The sand temperature is about 50 degrees.
★ Skin weak people · Children are at risk of low temperature burns.
★ As for customers with high blood pressure / low blood pressure, we ask you to withhold.
◎ Because we take bath at customer’s responsibility, it is selfish, but please understand kindly that treatment cost · compensation etc such as low temperature burn can not correspond.

Sand steaming hot spring of this hotel is not reservation system. You can bathe in the order in which you came.
※This hotel’s sand steaming hot spring is steamed artificial sand and it is not natural sand steaming.

■Room facilities
Room open-air, indoor bath, toilet, wash basin, air-conditioning, fridge, TV, safe, etc.

Thalasso pack
“Sand steaming + Thalasso pack” that we can only experience at the hotel now is popular now.
Learn more about Thalasso pack

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Big bath

Phoenix hotel embraced in a magnificent location.
The flowers in the southern country bloom all year round, and the inside of the hall is also full of tropical mood.
Above all, the large public baths, which are spacious, can take a bath of 150 people together and are recommended for customers who want to take a long time to take a bath.
The outdoor bath where the rubber tree grows is a southern country emotion itself.

Big bath
Big bath
business hours 15:00~23:30( Final receptionist)
Price Adult 500 yen (tax not included)・Child 250 yen (excluding tax)

※ Guests staying at the hotel are free.
※ Bathing outdoor guests will be until 18 o’clock.

Hot spring fountain quality: sodium chloride fountain
Utility: rheumatic disease · coldness · bruise · sprain · infertility chronic skin disease · chronic gynecological diseases · constipation · infirmity · obesity · burns · scratches etc.

Baths are hot spring baths. You can use fresh hot springs abundantly at any time.
Menyu and female hot water are replaced every hour every day, and you can enjoy either bathtub.

For visiting customers, we have a small towel included.
(Bath towel will be added to people with family bath / sand pill hot springs)
Reception is held at the reception desk.

※ “There is a case that there is a limit on bathing time due to the setting of a large public bath · sand-peeled bath time for private school trip trip students, please understand.

Family bath (private bath)

There are 3 rooms for Just a family can put in a hot spring.
One room is suitable for barrier-free, and you can use it widely from young people to elderly people.
Please enjoy the spacious space where you can take a bath in one room for 5 people.

Family bath (private bath)

Family bath (private bath)

business hours 10:00~21:30
Price 1 room 1 hour 2,200 yen (tax included)

※ 1 room up to 4 people, for 4 people or more, 1 person additional charge Adults 500 yen (tax not included) · Children 250 yen (tax not included).

In the case of extension, it will be 1,100 yen (including tax) every 30 minutes.

Number of rooms: 3 rooms. One room is barrier ready.

Thalasso pack

Thalasso face pack is proud of our hotel which enjoys “thalasso (seawater) face pack” at the same time as entering the Ibusuku specialty “Sand steaming hot spring”.
As of now, we can only experience at the hotel at the hotel, so it is very popular.
Thalasso face pack is available not only for women but also men, so please come and experience.
We also have plans with “Sand steaming hot spring” and “Thalasso Face Pack” with 2 meals per night.
It is a complete reservation system.

Thalasso pack

Thalasso pack

Thalasso face pack (in sand steaming facility) +¥600

※Sand prison fee will be charged separately

Thalasso Face Pack business hours 16:00~18:30

Request inquiries after 18:30

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Beautiful and beautiful your skin which became slippery at the hot spring.
Relax by unraveling the body with a massage.

Floor plan

Esthetic menu

business hours16:00~ Final receptionist21:00
※ The regular holiday is basically Monday.

Facial 30 min course¥4,600( Tax not included)
Facial 60 min course¥8,000( Tax not included)
Body (lymphatic) 30 minutes course¥4,600( Tax not included)
Body (lymph) 60 minutes course¥8,000( Tax not included)
Facial + body 70 minutes course¥9,000( Tax not included)
Hand massage or foot massage 15 minutes course¥1,500( Tax not included)
Head spa 15 minutes course¥1,500( Tax not included)
Quick Massage 10 minutes course¥1,000( Tax not included)

Massage menu

business hours20:00~22:30

☆ Full body relaxation 40 minutes¥4,000(tax included)
Either guest room or massage room can be operated.
It is a relaxation that adopted the manipulation of the body.It stimulates the acupuncture point of the whole body, raises natural healing power by mimicrying, heals the whole body fatigue, it makes the body very easy and relaxes both mentally and physically.
☆Foot relaxation 30 minutes¥3,000(tax included)
Either guest room or massage room can be operated.
I gradually loosen the soles of the feet from the calves.
☆ Foot pad massage 10 minutes¥1,000(tax included)
It is guest room only for massage room.
We will loosen only the sole of the foot with emphasis.
☆ Mangage (massage) 40 minutes¥4,000(tax included)
It is treatment in the guest room.
☆ Alignment (Judo reductionist) 40 minutes¥4,000(tax included)
It is treatment in the guest room.
It corrects nerve compression due to bone misalignment, stiff shoulder stiffness and back pain in the procedure, smooth transmission of nerves, improves working of the internal organs, improves flow of blood and lymph, and activates hormone secretion.Metabolism is promoted.

Complete reservation system · (Esthe is for women only, but men can be used if they are used simultaneously by a couple or couple.

With Beauty · Massage
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