Souvenir shop

We have abundant stocks of locals · Ibusuki’s confectionery and local products · special products,
Satsuma black pig · deep‐fried minced fish and vegetables · shochu etc. which is the representative product of Kagoshima has specialized corner.
In particular, Shochu has all the brands of Ibusuki.

Souvenir shop
Souvenir shop

Business Hours 7:00~22:00

You can enjoy your shopping slowly.

Japanese small snacks corner
We also have an old old fashioned Japanese small snac store corner.
You can purchase miscellaneous goods not only for those who stay but also as a snack for local children’s excursions.

In addition to candy, cup ramen, 2 liters of PET bottle, children’s paper diapers, lowering of fever sheets, make-up removers etc. are also available and it is also recommended for mothers with children.

Gazebo no wind
Ibusuki Phoenix Hotel Original Product `gazebo no lover`

Please do not hesitate to speak to the staff because we deal with home delivery from the shop.


Banquet Hall

13 venues that you can choose according to various situations such as weddings, conferences, banquets etc.
Please consult your budget request on reservation.
We also offer consultation for weddings. Please feel free to contact us.

1FIt will be below the lobby floor.

【Large Banquet Hall】Sakurajima
【Large Banquet Hall】Sakurajima
【Large Banquet Hall】Sakurajima
【Large Banquet Hall】Sakurajima
【Large Banquet Hall】Sakurajima
~ 300 people (Can be used by dividing into three) If sorted ~ 100 people
【Banquet Hall】Suehiro
~50 people

Lobby floor

【Middle Banquet Hall】Satsuma
~100 people
【Large Banquet Hall】Kaimon
~150people(Can be used divided into two)If you partition~70people
【Small Banquet Hall】Osumi / Sata
【Middle Banquet Hall】Dining Phoenix(Restaurant)


【Middle Banquet Hall】Yoshino

Tamasaburo show
【Tamasaburo show】
You can put a Tamasaburo show on the party.Please enjoy the show of Hiroshi Suzukawa, the second generation of Suzuka Stream, Tamasaburo of Ibusuki.

Night club Haiku Maui
【Night club Haiku Maui】
When drinking is insufficient, go to Night club Haiku Maui. Let ‘s enjoy the night with songs and drinks.


We have ground and golf course, pool, table tennis, mahjong and activity facilities that you can enjoy.

Ground · Golf course(16 holes)

The hotel’s ground and golf course has become an accredited course “Japan Ground and Golf Association Certification Number 134” (Opened 365 days)
Two courses, “Phoenix course” and “Green course” course

Phoenix Course
Green course
Ground Golf course guide map

In addition, the Ibusuki Phoenix Hotel Cup “Ground Golf Tournament” is held for about two days every 2 months
※Mainly managing Ibusuki Ground Golf Association(The official tournament)

◆Tournament-day course ¥1,500(tax included) Participation fee + lunch(the 2nd day)Including
◆Tournament 1 night course   ¥10,800(tax included) Participation fee + accommodation fee(1 night / 2 meals)+lunch(the 2nd day)含む
◆Participation for social gathering    ¥3,500(tax included)  Participation fee for social gathering(Participation fee for social gathering with accommodation participants)Including
Eligibility for participating in the event is OK if you are a prefectural ground Golf Association registrant
If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact us ( Responsible person:Wakamatsu )

Of course, please use it not only for tournament participation but also for family and team practice
(Please do not hesitate to contact us once in the team practice or when using it in a large number of people)
■Not a member(one person) ¥300(tax included)
■Association member(one person) ¥100(tax included)
※Available(Rental club(20 people)· Rental including ball · Score table)



You can use the pool during the period from the sea day to the end of August.
I use spring water from the mountain, beautiful and very cold water is pleasant.


Table tennis

You can enjoy a classic table tennis hot spring.
We will lend a racket and a ball at the front desk when using.

Table tennis
Table tennis


Mahjong is also a little fun with everyone who stayed.
It is okay to play with other people I knew, but it is certainly a fun time to talk about mahjong or to inexperienced people on this occasion.