At the Ibusuki Phoenix Hotel, the local volunteer guide talks about the legend, history, tourism and nature that are transmitted to the Ibusuki area, “Narrator’s Club”, is held almost every day, free of charge every day.
All the storytellersいぶすき検定(ibusuki official certification)We have acquired advanced level.


People who have been sightseeing also will be able to travel fun with a different perspective, feeling, also the next day, those who are sightseeing also listen to this “Narrator’s Club” and sightseeing.
Because it is a very easy-to-talk and friendly guide people, after the audition we are also asked questions, etc. We will also teach sightseeing tours, courses, questions etc. pleasantly.
Ibusuki Phoenix Hotel recommends “Narrator’s Club”, a guide inside the hotel only at Ibusuki Phoenix Hotel.
By all means, why not try to participate.

It will be held from 20 o’clock in about 30 minutes to 1 hour at the lobby reception front shop lounge lounge.
No entry fee!

In the storytelling section corner you can also drink “tea – bushi” drink made with bonito.

MICE(Training / conference room)

MICE(Training / conference room)

MICE is an acronym for Meeting, Incentive, Convention, Event.

Little Conference room

Ideal for small scale use of up to 50 people in school format.
You can use it not only in company meetings but also in training etc.

Conference room

Ideal for mid-sized use of up to 100 people in school format.
Slightly larger conference, as well as training and seminars are available.

Big Conference room

Ideal for large scale use of up to 300 people in school format.
You can use it not only in meetings but also in training, seminars, briefing sessions etc. where there are many participants.

Desk, chair, white board, projector, screen (length 1500 mm, width 1800 mm), microphone, podium etc.

※The number of seats will vary depending on the size of the conference room.
※We also correspond to other seat arrangements. Please feel free to contact us.
※Conference room image / plan view is an example.

Please contact us for rates.
Also, beverages etc. will be charged separately so please feel free to contact us.

Barrier-free compliant

The hotel has expanded its facilities and services that will allow you to relax slowly, as well as elderly people and persons with physical disabilities.
Although there is still a developing place, I would like to help everyone’s comfortable journey as “Everyone friendly hotel”.

Facilities at the hotel

Hotel entrance: 3 cm steps Hotel front

【Front entrance】

There is a step of about 3 cm, and a slope of step difference is set up.
Some wheelchairs can be rented (2 nursing care wheel chairs).


The height of the front desk is 110 cm.
We have installed a chair in the vicinity.


It is located about 10 meters from the front desk.
The floor up to the elevator is stone-covered.
The height of the button is about 130 cm (with braille display).


There is a lounge behind the front, elevator hall. The floor is carpeted.

Facilities at the hotel: washroom

Toilet facilities

Western-style toilets corresponding to wheelchairs are installed on the 2nd and 6th floors.
On the fire prevention structure inside the building, the entrance door is the class fire fire door.
If you can use the front desk, you will get a chance.

6th floor toilet

・Handrail of folding type
・Emergency call button (interlocking with entrance light)
・A washing place for those who have an ostomy, artificial bladder, urinary drainage device
・Cot bed (folding type) such as changing diapers

Second floor toilet

・Fixed type handrail
・Emergency call button (interlocking with entrance light)

Facilities at the hotel: Onsen (big public bath) · open-air bath · sand steaming hot spring

Staircase to sand-pepper hot spring

Onsen (big public bath)

Elevator 2 floor. Handrail are installed in every corner of the carpet.
There is a step of about 10 centimeters in front of the large public bath entrance / dressing room.
Since we have installed a slope, we can go to the bathhouse washing place with wheelchair.
(The difference between the dressing room and the bathroom washer is about 2 cm)
The bath pad is permanently installed.

Outdoor bath

Outdoor baths are separated from the public bath by doors. The step is about 2 cm.

Sand steaming hot spring

It is about 10 meters away from the outdoor bath and there are 2 stairs.
There are three stairs with a step height of about 15 cm apart from the outdoor bath with a door leading to the landing. (Photo · left)
There are 18 stairs with a step height of about 13 cm in the right direction from the landing area, leading to a sand steaming hot spring resort. (Pictures, middle)
Currently only this staircase leads to sand steaming hot spring field. Personal correspondence can be done holding a wheelchair for each wheelchair.

Room Facilities

Japanese style room closet Wash basin toilet Bathroom entrance

Western / Bedroom

The entrance of the room is 80 cm wide. The entrance door is open door style and has fire door specifications.

Japanese style room

There is a step of 14 cm at the entrance of the Tatami room.


The entrance width is 58 cm. There is a washroom, a toilet and a bathroom as you enter inside.

Wash basin(Washroom)

The sink is 87 cm wide and the height from the floor to the sink is 58 cm.


There is a step of 5 cm at the entrance. Inside door width 52 cm, the interior of the toilet is 118 cm deep and 81 cm wide.

Bathroom entrance

The entrance door width is 52 cm, and there is a step of 8 cm. Also, the step from the entrance to the washroom is 4 cm.

To people with impaired hearing

We are preparing rooms with emergency lamps and telephone call lamps to inform you of emergency evacuation so that people with disabilities in hearing can also know。

Emergency lamp Phone call lamp

【Emergency lamp】

Lights on emergency evacuation. The staff will guide you to the evacuation area when lit. Western-style room, we are equipped in the Japanese-style room.

【Phone call lamp】

In our hotel we offer rooms with telephone call lamps to inform them of the phone so that they can be heard by the deaf. (Western style, equipped in a Japanese style room)
The lamp lights up as soon as the phone rings and we will inform you.

On our approach to barrier-free

Hotel Initiatives Hotel Initiatives

 Ibusuki Phoenix Hotel (Ibusuki Prefecture, Kagoshima Prefecture, President of Keiko Noda) makes it the first hotel in the prefecture to allow travelers of elderly and disabled people to stay at the hotel comfortably, We are carrying out barrier-free initiatives that all employees have come together.

 Regarding training, we will carry out staff training twice to accept elderly people and disabled people from July of last year, and we will continue to do so until all about 140 employees finish training. In addition, we actively incorporate opinions from employees and have prepared a correspondence manual, and we plan to enrich our customer service system for guide dogs and care dog use from now on.

 In addition to hotel staff, Mr. Koji Nishihara of Ibusuki City Disabled Persons Welfare Association Chairman and others, such as Lifecare Network (President Teruo Amano) of the city, Director of the Association of Prefectural Disabled Persons, etc. We got full cooperation from the company. While considering emphasis on elderly people and handicapped people, we would like to think about sightseeing linked to local facilities such as contact information plaza Nano Hana and flower park Kagoshima.

 We also made various improvements in terms of facilities. In addition to refurbishing the toilets on the 2nd and 6th floor to be easy to use for the physically handicapped, it was possible to set a slope in the bathroom entrance and go to the bathroom washing place with a wheel chair. Braille display is given inside the hall such as elevator. We will continue to provide information on things that we can and can not do through the Internet.

 Although facilities may not be complete yet, it may be inconvenient to do so, but in order to stay comfortably, the place which is not in terms of facility is the personnel correspondence of the hotel staff, maximum We would like to correspond to the limit. We would like to tell you the information and requests from the elderly, people with disabilities and carers, and we would like to make an effort to the hotel where everyone can stay at ease and relax. If you have any requests for accommodation, please let us know via inquiry form.